How to Make Money From Sports Betting in India

How to Make Money From Sports Betting in India


Sports betting is huge business in India and millions of people are betting online. The trick to making money from betting is to make sure you're doing it for the right reasons. Winning is the goal, not losing. Unfortunately, most people begin betting without doing the necessary research and preparation and lose money very quickly. If you want to make money betting on sports, you have to learn the tricks of the trade before you even begin.

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Online sports betting is the only viable alternative to underground sportsbooks

Currently, the sports betting industry in India is unregulated, with a largely underground industry. This situation is likely to continue until the authorities take steps to impose regulatory requirements for offshore operators. However, the offshore operators are likely to self-regulate when the market is well-structured.

India is the second-largest Internet user in the world, according to Statista. A majority of its 483 million internet users use mobile devices to access the web, making it essential for sports betting sites to have a strong mobile interface. This is an advantage for sports betting sites operating in India.

Sports betting in India has become very popular. During an ODI match, an estimated USD 200 million changes hands. The combined annual turnover of both illegal and legal sportsbooks is estimated to be between USD 130 billion and USD 150 billion.

Bookmakers use certain techniques to ensure they are always at an advantage

There are many ways to beat bookmakers. One way is to use a betting exchange. These are websites where consumers place bets for each other. These exchanges have lower overheads and generally offer better odds. They also provide opportunities for arbitrage, which is the practice of taking advantage of a difference in prices between markets. In the past, only Dutch bookmakers offered this opportunity. A betting exchange is more transparent than a traditional bookmaker and gives bookmakers more information on how the market is performing.

A bookmaker's primary goal is to maintain a balanced book. This means getting an equal number of bets for every outcome, and getting the amounts wagered to reflect the odds. They may also try to lay off risk when large bets come in. While bookmakers do not try to make money on individual bets, they do make a profit from the bets they do accept. They do this as market makers, or intermediaries between bettors and sports bookmakers.

In order to beat bookmakers, it is important to choose a sports book that offers a range of bets on the game you are betting on. It will also help to compare odds between sportsbooks. Many sports betting websites will allow you to compare odds from various bookmakers, which can help you determine which odds are the best.

Indians are betting in billions of rupees

In India, sports betting has grown immensely. The country has over 700 million mobile users, making mobile betting much easier and more convenient than traditional desktop betting. Moreover, Indian sports fans have the option to place their bets even while watching the games. Further, sports betting has become legal in India.

Indians have an enormous appetite for sports betting, and the industry is now worth billions of dollars. In 2015, sports betting in India was estimated at USD 90 billion, with a growth rate of 7% a year. The number of bettors is only growing.

Bookmakers encourage money laundering

Opening an account with an online bookmaker is quick and easy. You may need to fill out some paperwork to verify your identity. There are also strict money laundering and affordability checks in place with bookmakers. A number of bookmakers offer free bets to get people started with online betting. However, this shouldn't be your primary determining factor when choosing a bookmaker.

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